Flexible Pcb
Flex-circuits make electronic interconnection both simpler and more reliable.They take the shape of the enclosure thus a 3D printed circuit boards can be designed. They can help you to meet your design goals by reducing weight, size, and overall cost. Chain Electronics specializes in manufacturing tight tolerance, fine-line single / double / multilayer flexible and flex-rigid pcbs. For further information about Flexible PCB, please contact us.

Membrane Switches
Membrane switches which are very thin and light in weight increase reliability and longevity versus mechanical switches. At Chain Electronics, membrane switches can be designed to meet your specific performance and graphic needs. The switch design contains a sandwich construction that can be rigid or flexible. Switches can have a variety of colors, and can be backlighted as well. They can also be finished in matte or gloss to match existing enclosures or cabinets. Whatever your requirements are, Chain Electronics is eager to work with you. For further information about Membrane Switches, please contact us.

Rigid PCB
We also manufacturer high density, fine-line single /double / multilayer on paper phenolic, CEM and glass epoxy substrate.

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